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At risk women and girls engaged in training and employment
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Children enrolled in education and tutoring programs
Women in HIV education and  prevention programs

Our Programs

Sewing New Futures (SNF) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and social enterprise. Our handcrafted goods are made by women and girls who have survived or evaded sex trafficking in northern India. These women are now living as artisans, creators and artists with sustainable careers, and have access to education and medical care that’s supported by your purchase. 

Skills Training & Employment

SNF's social enterprise provides fair-wage employment and vocational training to women and girls who are at risk or victims of human trafficking in New Delhi. Women and girls join the training and capacity building program to gain experience and earn income that acts as protection from forced sex work or child-marriage.  Financial literacy, soft skills training, and professionalism are key components of the training program.  Clothing and housewares are stitched from up-cycled or sustainable sourced textiles.


Since 2014, SNF has provided supplemental education to the victims of human trafficking,  sex workers and their children. Creche Center provides as a safe childcare space for babies as their mother's learn and grow.  Tutoring programs engage children in after school activities, tuitions, and exposure trips. School readiness and re-enrollment programs facilitate entry and re-entry into the education system. Adult informal education provides basic literacy.

Physical and Mental Health

SNF's medical programs provide health education and assist with accessing existing public and private medical services in the community. Focus is placed on women's health, prenatal care, vaccination, and HIV preventative  services. Nutrition and Health Camps provided women and children with critical health education support and screenings.

Mental health programs render counseling services for women and girls who face stigmatization and trauma. Mental Health services are conducted with social workers and volunteer psychologists.

Social Protection

Social Protection programs provided assistances with access to government identification cards, enrollment in social services, and legal support. 

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