Annual Report

Sewing New Futures empowers women stuck in a cycle of intergenerational prostitution, poverty, and forced servitude through education, career training, education, medical care, and social services.
Our goals are multifaceted:
  1. To use technical training and development to increase financial independence for women in or at risk for prostitution.
  2. Educational support to help children and teenagers complete their educational goals.
  3. Provide medical and social services that holistically meet the needs of women in or at risk of prostitution through health promotion, health-education, and access to medical treatment.


Sewing New Futures aims to economically empower women in forced prostitution. We currently work with the Perna Caste in Najafgarh, New Delhi, India, who belong to a scheduled caste that practice intergenerational prostitution. Because of the stigma around their scheduled caste status, they have been unable to get traditional jobs throughout the years. They marry off their daughters once they reach puberty and after the first child, their families force them into prostitution for economic survival.





To break the cycle of prostitution, Sewing New Futures offers employment to women as an alternative to prostitution.


By the Numbers June 2015-June 2016:


The staff and artisans at SNF have had a busy year:

  • We have provided 12,400 hours of stitching and out of sex work.
  • The artisans at Sewing New Futures have made 4,885 handmade products.
  • Through donations, we purchased two industrial-grade sewing machines.

SNF became designated at an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in April 2016.


  • 108 Applique Pillow
  • 162 Card Holders 
  • 1090 Headbands
  • 141 Ikat and Applique scarves
  • 34 tote bags 
  • 1,226 pouches