How you can give effortlessly with AmazonSmile

Did you know that when you shop using AmazonSmile, Amazon donates to Sewing New Futures charitable work?  

This holiday season, consider adding the link:  to your amazon account and avail the free 0.5% donation with every purchase. This small step can lead to large results.

If 20 supporters purchase $100 on each month with the link above, that will equal a donation of $1,200 to the charitable work of Sewing New Futures at the end of the year. A few clicks on your laptop or mobile phone can make a  difference in the life of women and children affected by human trafficking.

How AmazonSmile works:

  • When you purchase from 0.5% of your purchases are directly donated to Sewing New Futures 501c3
  • No extra cost to you or your family
  • No extra effort by you or your family
  • If you spend $200 via each month that will equal a $10 donation monthly adding up to a donation of $120 in donations each year. $120 covers a full-time teacher's salary 
  • Clicking a few links can change lives and provide free education to the children of sex workers and to women and girls at risk of trafficking

Want more details on the nitty-gritty of how AmazonSmile works, check out this article from Business Insider:


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