India Relief Raffle FAQ

 HOW does the India Relief Raffle work?

1. You can choose as many raffle tickets per item and for different raffle items, as you want. 

2. You add them to your cart.

3. You pay for the raffle tickets.

4. We will allocate the donations to the three organisations we support through the fundraiser on a rolling basis.

5. We will randomly draw the raffle winners on Sunday, 23, 2021 at approximately 11am EST.

6. You will be notified of winning something via email.


 WHO is this fundraiser for?

The full proceeds of this fundraiser, which includes the ‘India Relief Raffle’ and the call to ‘Donate for COVID-19 Relief for India’, will be allocated in the form of aid through direct spending on medical aid and basic supplies such as FPP2 masks, PPE kits, oxygen concentrators/cylinders, oximeters, an ambulance, etc. 

The donations will benefit the community-led oxygen relief initiative in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, the newly erected hospital station in Maraghatu, Jharkhand, and Sphoorthi Foundation, a Hyderabad based foundation, distributing health care kits to marginalized communities. And they will be spent according to greatest needs.


WHY is this fundraiser organised?

Every four minutes, a person dies of COVID-19 in the national capital of New Delhi, India. The healthcare system is overloaded, and families are oftentimes required to find their oxygen supplies due to problems with the allocation of essential medical equipment. Some people are even required to personally and without any prior medical training care for their relatives within hospitals. According to journalist Kunal Purohit from Mumbai, the published estimates do not reflect the true extent of the current crisis.

India faces 350,000 new coronavirus cases per day (World Health Organisation). Every 4 minutes a person dies in Delhi (The Hindu). 


WHO is organising this fundraiser?

Sewing New Futures 501(c)(3) and the India Relief Raffle Team.



The raffle will be hosted on the Sewing New Futures website ONLY and it is marketed through the @SewingNewFutures Instagram account.

Entries are mostly open internationally, unless otherwise specified.


WHEN will the raffle take place?

The raffle will be life for 1 week. From Saturday, 8th May noon EST, until Saturday, 15th May.