Sewing New Futures (SNF) is a 501 (c) 3 social enterprise that empowers survivors and girls at risk of sex-trafficking through career training, education, medical care, and social services.



At our pilot center in Najafgarh on the outskirts of New Delhi, marginalized women have access to paid training and production related to sewing, appliqué, and textiles. Currently, Sewing New Futures has provided over 40 women and adolescent girls with limited or no educational background or previous training with intensive support to gain skills.

Our vision is to ensure marginalized women emerge economically empowered to sew their own future.



















We call Sandhya* our unofficial “office manager” she is always walking around with the office laptop helping Monika our actual manager with operational tasks. When is she not helping, she has her nose in a book studying or reading a newspaper. One day she came into the centre in tears. It was time for her engagement. She was not ready and did not want it to happen. The staff met with her family & convinced them that if she passed her 12th grade exams she would be able to make much more money long term (than prostitution). SNF helped her enroll in NIOS (Open Schooling) and paid her school admission fees, books, and school supplies. Monika met with her family and over time they changed their mind completely on education and we are happy to report she is married now and her husband is fully supportive of her education and attending higher education including college.