February 22nd is Shine a Light on Slavery Day

End It Movement is a global coalition of leading organizations who all are fighting against human trafficking. February 22nd is "Shine a Light on Slavery Day" where millions of people with raise awareness. Check out the resource guide from End It to see how you can get involved. 

We will be having a sale until February 23rd, everything will be 15% with the discount code, "EndIt". 

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Delhi's Health Crisis

New Delhi is in a public health emergency crisis. It is considered the world's most polluted city.  Over 6,000 schools have been closed for over a week. The US Embassy in New Delhi which measures the Air Quality Index and on Monday November 6th they estimated it was at 999. To give you an example of how bad this is, most extremely hazardous levels are 500. Beijing, China which is known for being a polluted city is at 298 currently. Experts say breathing the air is the same as smoking 45 cigarettes a day. 

Yes, New Delhi is a gas chamber. 

Image from: Firstpost published on Nov. 7, 2017

Image from Firstpost

To educate the women and children we work with on the severity of this problem our social worker, Monika spent the after explaining pollution, its impact on health and on the environment as well as prevention. There was laughter, discussion, and YouTube videos to add to the conversation. After an hour our seamstresses warmed-up to the idea and took to their machines. They were able to fashion simple dust masks that are both cute and protect from dust inhalation.

Make sure you are staying indoors if you are living in New Delhi and if you have to go outside please get a mask and be safe. 


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Things You Can Do To Help End Slavery Right Now

It can be overwhelming when you read articles or statistics about human trafficking saying that there are between 21 million and 45 million people enslaved around the world or see how trafficking make over $150 billion each year. It seems daunting.

However, there are things everyone can do right now to help.

1. Put the National Trafficking Hotline in your phone. Call if you have any suspicions that anyone is being enslaved (learn the signs here) 1-888-373-7888 

2. Find out how many slaves are working for you based on the products you buy: slaveryfootprint.org

3. Did you know coffee beans and chocolate are one of the leading products harvested by slaves? A Fair Trade label ensures a slave-free product. Download this Slave Free Buying Guide from End Slavery Now to learn about Fair Trade.

4. Discover how others are fighting slavery around the world and be inspired tipheroes.org

5. Watch the documentary I am Jane Doe (available on Netflix) it follows real cases of American girls enslaved in the child sex trade through ads in a newspaper's online classified section.


6. Take action by calling Congress to strengthen policies and practices to get us one step closer to ending modern slavery polarisproject.org/action

Lastly, by supporting organizations (like SNF!) by purchasing products made by survivors you are making a huge impact by giving them a fair wage. The next time you need to purchase a gift or just want something special for yourself please check out To The Market  a curated marketplace where everything is made by survivors. Together we can make a difference! 

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Meet Jaden & Darien SNF Interns!

As high school students, we never thought that we would be able to make a difference in our global community. We live in Pensacola, a small city in Northwest Florida, and attend a local high school where we participate in the International Baccalaureate Program. On the basis of where we were born, we were afforded opportunities that are not given to women in other countries. We, for the most part have the ability to make and choose our own path. For many women, this is not their reality. As female American teenagers, we are encouraged to finish and go beyond high school to obtain a stable career and income to support our families. On the other side of the world, a woman my age has to make a challenging decision to continue with school, or create a stable income for her family through prostitution forced into it by her in-laws. As we dove deeper into understanding different cultural norms, this came as a shock. The complete parallel between our lives and theirs challenged us to find a way to make an effective impact. When we discovered Sewing New Futures and what they stood for, wanting to make a contribution was unquestionable.

 During our first meeting with a representative of Sewing New Futures, we learned so much about the Indian women they work with. They are the same age as us but go through so many difficulties. We developed a personal relationship with the organization. We figured out ways in which we could utilize our resources as high school students to best contribute to the organization.

As interns, we are tasked with fundraising by advocating through sales and advertisements. We have assembled a campaign at our school where we sell Sewing New Futures merchandise to our peers. We often sell at annual and monthly local festivals where we advocate for the women in one on one encounters with members of our community.

This took us out of our comfort zones because we were put in a position where we had to advocate on behalf of someone else, we gained skills that we will utilize forever. One of our fundraisers was a bake sale and through that bake sale, we were able to raise enough money to fund an entire classroom full of desks for the women’s children so they can have a proper space to learn and grow.

Being aware of the difference we have made and continue to make has made us more globally and culturally aware and caused us to have experiences we will remember for life. Our work with Sewing New Futures and the women in India has changed the fabric of our being! 

Written by Jaden Wielhouwer & Darien Home 


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SNF + Hurricane Harvey - a letter from Kristin

Last week, Hurricane Harvey gave "unprecedented" flooding. Rains up to 50 inches in Houston, Texas with thousands forced to flee their homes. This impacted me personally because my younger brother, Paul lives in Houston. While thankfully he is safe, I heard his first hand account. I saw his photos, videos, and heard about his friends being rescued by boats from their homes being flooded. 



Images shared by Paul Braddock


One of our goals as an organization is to provide under privileged children in the communities we work in with education, health services, art and dance therapy and other much needed social services to protect them from abuse and ensure they have a chance at the childhood they deserve. 

We want to support Houston by donating to Save the Children's relief efforts.  There are thousands of displaced families, 60% with infants and toddlers seeking refuge from Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic flooding. There is a necessary need for equipment and services to keep these children safe. Sewing New Futures is an organization committed to helping children. 

We are going to donate $5 of every ikat scarf sold in our Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund collection to Save the Children which will go their baby kits which will give parents affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas vital supplies they need.

Our goal is to donate at least 4 baby kits which will deliver family-friendly relief supplies including cribs, strollers, changing tables,, baby shampoo, diapers and baby-safe portable tubs.

To learn more about where the funding is going download this fact sheet





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