Delhi's Health Crisis

New Delhi is in a public health emergency crisis. It is considered the world's most polluted city.  Over 6,000 schools have been closed for over a week. The US Embassy in New Delhi which measures the Air Quality Index and on Monday, November 6th they estimated it was at 999. To give you an example of how bad this is, most extremely hazardous levels are 500. Beijing, China which is known for being a polluted city is at 298 currently. Experts say breathing the air is the same as smoking 45 cigarettes a day. 

Yes, New Delhi is a gas chamber. 

Image from: Firstpost published on Nov. 7, 2017

Image from Firstpost

To educate the women and children we work with on the severity of this problem our social worker, Monika spent the after explaining pollution, its impact on health and the environment as well as prevention. There was laughter, discussion, and YouTube videos to add to the conversation. After an hour our seamstresses warmed-up to the idea and took to their machines. They were able to fashion simple dust masks that are both cute and protect from dust inhalation.

Make sure you are staying indoors if you are living in New Delhi and if you have to go outside please get a mask and be safe. 


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