Arushi's strength: seamstress turned creche worker

Arushi** is a sweet girl who was born with learning disabilities and vision impairments. She comes from a community where males will pay money to buy a bride and then use them to make money on the street as a sex worker. In this community, women are viewed as assets so the men are quite selective on who they will marry. Because of Arushi’s disabilities, she is not a preferred wife for these men, and marriage will most likely not be in her future, leaving her to depend on her family. 

Arushi initially joined the sewing centre for our education programming, but we believed that she had the ability to take on more so we trained her to sew.  She took on the new skill well, but later with an advisory from her eye doctor, he suggested that she should choose a different skill. With her growing maturity over her time at SNF, we felt as though we could shift her work to become a caretaker for our children. At SNF there is a small daycare for the women who work at the sewing center so they can bring their babies with them. Arushi is so happy to be working with the children now. This work provides her the ability to earn an income and gain respect from her family and peers at the center. Arushi has had a long journey with her physical, mental, and social challenges, and continues to shine each and every day.

**Name changed

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