One choice changes the lives of many

Community Mobilizer preparing list of women who need social support from Sewing New Futures. Varsha* didn’t sew   before joining the   center, but came to   Sewing New Futures   seeking   protection.   She was facing   increasing pressure   from her   in-laws to   join sex work as a   source of family   income. In her   community, men   typically do   not   work, women are   responsible to   financially   support their   family.  Varsha's mother supported the decision to join SNF desiring to not see her daughter follow her path into prostitution. Her ambition, leadership qualities, and potential were evident to staff when she joined SNF.  After she completed two years of training, education, and capacity building, she was selected as our first community mobilizer. Though she has limited education, she has excelled in this position. 
As a community mobilizer she assists marginalized women and children navigate the convoluted processes of acquiring government IDs, availing social services, enrolling in school, and accessing medical care. She works as a mobilizer in two communities where girls are forced into child marriages and trafficked into sex work at young ages by their families.  She implements awareness activities, HIV prevention programs, legal camps, vocational trainings, and saving groups.

In 2019 Varsha grew the savings group program from 30 women to 110 women. Committed to her community, she works long days,  traveling by public buses and on foot. 

Varsha recently enrolled in spoken English classes through a partnership with Don Bosco Vocational Training Institute. There have been many ups and downs on her journey, but she is always one to fight for her rights and sets an ideal example for all women in the community.  We are very excited for Varsha next year as she will begin to take on more responsibilities.

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*name changed to protect privacy

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